Friday, September 14, 2018

Canada Post Strike 2018

Because Canada Post is scheduled to go on strike, I've decided to put my Etsy shop, StitchingCA, on vacation beginning, Monday, Sept. 17th. This is the last day I can safely mail packages without worrying about severe delays or lost shipments. As soon as Canada Post comes to an agreement with their workers my shop will re-open for business with brand new products.  

While they're striking, I'll be working on Mini ID Wallets, Clutches, and Cross Body Bags. My product line and inventory will be growing. So, Canada Post better get their act together so I can bring all of my new goodies to you. 

If you're looking to make a purchase now, please do so before Sept. 17th!

I apologize for any inconvenience this brings, but believe this is the best option at this time. Other carriers are much more expensive than Canada Post and just aren't a realistic option.  I look forward to re-opening as soon as possible, and hope that Canada Post comes to a resolution quickly! 


Monday, September 03, 2018

All the Ever Afters

Time management is sometimes really hard to manage. I have all kinds of plans and ideas and never enough time to do everything. For those of you that don't know, my my main hobbies are sewing, stitching, and reading. Trying to find time for all three is a struggle!

Spending time reading is hard for me. I love reading, but to sit down and dedicate my time to an actual book is hard. I am always multi-tasking. 

A few months ago I signed up for a monthly audio book plan. I absolutely love it! I can sew, stitch, do dishes or whatever while listening to a book. It's wonderful for multi-tasking. I wish I signed up sooner! The down side for me is that I can go through an audio book in a couple of days and it can get expensive buying new books that frequently. 

So, I've also been trying to dedicate a bit of time here and there to actual books or e-books. I have a Kobo and love it, but you can't really pass an e-book on for someone else to read.  So, if I see a book that I think my daughter would love just as much as me, I will buy the book.  And such was the case with All the Ever Afters, by Danielle Teller.  

I was browsing the book store one day and saw that this was one of the bookstore clerks picks. They had it sitting out front and center. I am a sucker for buying a book by its cover, and the cover of this book drew me in.  Then I saw the caption "The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother." Well now, I love fairy tale twists and this was right up my alley and I knew my daughter would love it too. So, I bought it even though it was a bit pricey ($25 CDN after taxes). But hey, two people will probably read this book at the very least.   

Last night, I finished it. I won't throw any spoilers out there for those of you that haven't read it. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. In short, it is more or less a historical fiction novel that tells the story of a young peasant girl born into serfdom. She was lonely and trying to survive in a cruel world. If you like fairy tale twists or historical fiction, this might be a book for you. 

So, now that I've shared my reading adventure I really need to go and get a few things done. 

I hope you've enjoyed your Labour Day Weekend!