Monday, September 28, 2015

Me and a Biscornu

After my last finish, I went in search of what to work on next.  What about all that stuff in my WIP pile, you say?  They looked quite comfortable in that pile, so I thought I'd leave them there for now.  In all honesty, I did glance at them, but just didn't feel like working on them.

I think Victoria Sampler is my go to designer when I'm in doubt of what to do next.  I love how detailed their instructions are and I have a huge collection of their patterns.  Since I haven't worked on anything VS this year, it seemed like a good idea.  So, I went to my bin of patterns and found the VS file folder (its really quite thick) and decided on a cute little pattern called Bisornuments.

 I thought this is perfect. The little biscornus would be a perfect way to learn how to make one.  I'm probably the only one left that has never made a biscornu (my finishing skills really need some work).  And these are just so cute, don't you think?  These are designed by Linda Rosser for VS.

So, I then proceeded to read through the pattern and I thought, "Wait a second! I have the Beautiful Finsihing pattern for Biscornus."  And off I went to find it.

This has complete coloured instructions on how to finish all three biscornus (15 sided, 6 sided and 2 sided).  So, I thought this will be my next project!  So, then I went in search of some suitable fabric.  All I can say is I had no idea these little cuties would need so much fabric.  To make the pattern work out right, I need to stick with the 28 ct and I really wanted to use whatever I had in my stash.

This is what I found:

28ct Antique Ivory Cashel Linen
 Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show the colour as well as I'd like, but it is 28 ct Antique Ivory Cashel Linen.  This was the only suitable fabric that I had enough of for all three biscornus.  I really want them to be a matching set.  The threads won't be as prominent as they are on the antique white fabric used in the pattern, but I think it works well enough.

After finding the linen, the next step was to cut it.  I needed 21 4" squares and 2 8" squares for all three biscornus.  As you can see from the above pic there is quite a big stack of pieces there. The whole process of picking out the pattern, fabric and cutting it took a few nights lol.  I don't think I've put this much effort into the preparation and planning of a project in quite some time.

At this point, the threads and ribbon are sorted and the stitching is started.  One square is finished and the second one is started.  I think this will take  a few months to stitch since it's taken this long to get this far.  I really can't wait to start the finishing though! 

Do you have a finishing technique that you have wanted to try, but never got around to it or felt confident enough to do it?  I think the biscornu, for me, is a bit of feeling like I never enough time to really sit down and try it and a lack of confidence in my abilities to do it nicely.  I also think the the needleroll is something I've been putting off.  Maybe it will be next. :)

Well, we've been having some beautiful fall weather this week and the leaves are really starting to change.  As much as I hate the idea of what follows fall (snow) I love the cooler temperatures and bright clear days that this season brings.  

Have a great week!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Some Fall Stitching

Temperatures are really starting to dip around here.  Today, I don't think it went above 15 Celsius.  While stitching away in my stitching room tonight I had to put on a big warm sweater and almost turned the heat on.  We always try to wait until October before turning the heat on, but it's been a challenge these past couple of nights.

With the changing season, I've had the urge to stitch something Fall-like.  Although, after going through my stash, I realized I don't have a whole lot of Fall themed stash.  But I did find a freebie that I printed off a few years ago which could easily be converted to Fall colours.  You can still get the pattern on the DMC website for free.  

DMC Freebie: Falling Leaves
28 ct neutral linen
Colours converted to:
 WDW Celadon, GAST Cranberry and Gold Leave
Beads 03024
(Sorry for the shadowy pic.  I didn't realize it had such a bad shadow until I enlarged it here.)  

I think this would be really cute stitched over one.  When I first picked it up that was the first thing I thought, but after careful consideration (about 2 minutes of pondering) I decided to do it over 2 instead. I also like the DMC colour variations threads that the pattern calls for, but for this occasion I felt like making it more for Fall-like.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Cute little Sheepies

This is a cute little kit from Elizabeth Designs that I finished yesterday. I absolutely love these little kits that include everything.  They're like grab and go stitching kits and that give you almost instant satisfaction. Unless you lose the pattern... like I did haha.

Elizabeth's Designs
Complete Kit
The pattern decided to grow legs and hide a couple of years ago.  I searched high and low for it a couple of times and finally gave up.  I had the front picture, the fabric and all of the threads, but the actual pattern was no where to be found.  When I was putting everything away for Summer Tree of Stitches I found it.  It was in a plastic bag in my filing cabinet hidden between books (a spot that I searched a couple of times, so, one can only assume it decided to come out of hiding lol). So, this quick little finish was actually a couple of years lol.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Time for an update

You're not in the wrong spot, I just updated my colour scheme and template.  It's been awhile (hanging head shamefully) since I updated everything.  I kinda laughed when I picked this template since my blog title is Karen's Colourful Creations and I picked a beige template lol. 

Nothing new to post. 

Happy Monday!


Saturday, September 12, 2015

It's been awhile since I could..... the big 'ol Happy Dance!!  Oh yea!!  I finally finished something.  :)

So, I think it's important to note that this is my rendition of Summer Tree of Stitches by Bees Needlework (aka The Stitch Specialist).  I deviated from the pattern quite a bit when it came to stitch placement.  I used the pattern as a guide and more or less filled in the sections with stitches as I saw fit.

I looked back in my notes and found that I started this back in 2013.  The plan was to stitch-along with everyone as each part was released, but I quickly got behind.  So, then it sat in the WIP pile for a very long time until about a month and a half ago.  That's when I got the urge to actually finish something in my big stack of WIPs/UFOs.

I picked up where the dark pink and light pink squares are and made my way from there.  I would love to be able to tell you which threads and fabric were used, but I have no idea.  I randomly picked threads and stupidly foolishly put the threads away when I was done with them.  You see, one of the tips in the notes at the beginning of the pattern was to re-use the colours to make the picture cohesive.  Well, let me tell you,  I had one heck of a time finding the yellow in the bees and the beehive from my stash.  I gave up on the blue/gray for the bench and used something similar for the reddish brown in the squirrels.  I was very fortunate to be able to locate the mauve that I used in the little tiny flowers at the bottom.

The final step was to add the beads.  The instructions only called for beads in three sections of the "leaves."  This didn't seem very cohesive to me, so, to unify the design I stitched beads EVERYWHERE.  I don't think I've added so many beads to anything ever.  And it was a challenge...especially after I spilled ALL of my beads twice and ran out with only one section to go!  I searched frantically through my stash and found a partial package of the same size and colour and was able to finish it off.

I think I'm sorta stunned to be able to say that it's finally finished.  I don't have very many finishes to boast about this year, so, it sure feels good to be able to cross this one off my list.

Here's some more pics for your viewing pleasure:

The first time I've every signed and dated something.

The little bullion knotted bees are my absolute favourite.

Love the little butterflies too.
This big stack of papers is the pattern instructions!  (can't really tell how thick the stack is from this pic, but you can take my word that the instructions are very detailed and there are pages upon pages of instructions).

So, I'll leave you with that and I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.


Friday, September 04, 2015

The end of the season

Summer is coming to an end and quite coincidentally so is Summer Tree of Stitches.  I finished all of the leaves and now just have the ground work to complete.

Parts 8, 9, and 10 are finished.  These parts included the mauve laisy daisy flowers, the green reverse chain stitch (look like raindrops), and the yellowish rhodes hearts. Part 10 also included the satin stitched beehive with a smyrna cross for the entrance. To add some sparkle I used some Kreinik #4 braid or blending fillament here and there.

I'm now on Part 11 which includes this bench.  I have a counting error though and need to either figure out a work-around or starting tearing it out.  After the bench there are only a few flowers, bees, butterflies and a couple of animals left.

It's a beautiful sunny clear day today.  It's the first day that really feels like fall.  I can feel the crispness in the air.  Although, a relief from the extreme heat we had last week, it is sad to think another summer is ending.