Friday, September 04, 2015

The end of the season

Summer is coming to an end and quite coincidentally so is Summer Tree of Stitches.  I finished all of the leaves and now just have the ground work to complete.

Parts 8, 9, and 10 are finished.  These parts included the mauve laisy daisy flowers, the green reverse chain stitch (look like raindrops), and the yellowish rhodes hearts. Part 10 also included the satin stitched beehive with a smyrna cross for the entrance. To add some sparkle I used some Kreinik #4 braid or blending fillament here and there.

I'm now on Part 11 which includes this bench.  I have a counting error though and need to either figure out a work-around or starting tearing it out.  After the bench there are only a few flowers, bees, butterflies and a couple of animals left.

It's a beautiful sunny clear day today.  It's the first day that really feels like fall.  I can feel the crispness in the air.  Although, a relief from the extreme heat we had last week, it is sad to think another summer is ending.  


Margaret said...

Well done. This looks beautiful Aren't you glad you persisted.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Next to the pink and red squares, I think I like those lavender Lazy Daisies the best :) Wonderful progress, so exciting that you'll have a finish soon! Since it's so fun and funky, I'm sure you can finagle the bench a little ;)

It's much the same here - the weather has turned cool and crisp, more like late October! I've actually seen Christmas things out in several stores lately - eek! - and I'm just NOT ready for that yet LOL! Best wishes for an awesome Autumn :)