Saturday, September 12, 2015

It's been awhile since I could..... the big 'ol Happy Dance!!  Oh yea!!  I finally finished something.  :)

So, I think it's important to note that this is my rendition of Summer Tree of Stitches by Bees Needlework (aka The Stitch Specialist).  I deviated from the pattern quite a bit when it came to stitch placement.  I used the pattern as a guide and more or less filled in the sections with stitches as I saw fit.

I looked back in my notes and found that I started this back in 2013.  The plan was to stitch-along with everyone as each part was released, but I quickly got behind.  So, then it sat in the WIP pile for a very long time until about a month and a half ago.  That's when I got the urge to actually finish something in my big stack of WIPs/UFOs.

I picked up where the dark pink and light pink squares are and made my way from there.  I would love to be able to tell you which threads and fabric were used, but I have no idea.  I randomly picked threads and stupidly foolishly put the threads away when I was done with them.  You see, one of the tips in the notes at the beginning of the pattern was to re-use the colours to make the picture cohesive.  Well, let me tell you,  I had one heck of a time finding the yellow in the bees and the beehive from my stash.  I gave up on the blue/gray for the bench and used something similar for the reddish brown in the squirrels.  I was very fortunate to be able to locate the mauve that I used in the little tiny flowers at the bottom.

The final step was to add the beads.  The instructions only called for beads in three sections of the "leaves."  This didn't seem very cohesive to me, so, to unify the design I stitched beads EVERYWHERE.  I don't think I've added so many beads to anything ever.  And it was a challenge...especially after I spilled ALL of my beads twice and ran out with only one section to go!  I searched frantically through my stash and found a partial package of the same size and colour and was able to finish it off.

I think I'm sorta stunned to be able to say that it's finally finished.  I don't have very many finishes to boast about this year, so, it sure feels good to be able to cross this one off my list.

Here's some more pics for your viewing pleasure:

The first time I've every signed and dated something.

The little bullion knotted bees are my absolute favourite.

Love the little butterflies too.
This big stack of papers is the pattern instructions!  (can't really tell how thick the stack is from this pic, but you can take my word that the instructions are very detailed and there are pages upon pages of instructions).

So, I'll leave you with that and I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.



Justine said...

That's gorgeous! It looks so detailed. It must feel good having something this big off your WIP list!

Window Coverings Virginia said...

This is awesome