Monday, June 29, 2015

Finally - a finish!

Yup, that's right.  I managed to stick with something long enough to finish it off!  The design that kept me going long into the night was Quaker Gardens by Blackbird Designs.  I was determined to finish it last night before going to bed.  

This pattern sat all kitted up in my stash for literally years.  While searching for my next projects I would always take this one out and admire it and then file it away for "next time." 

Well, Quaker Garden's time to shine finally came around and I enjoyed stitching every little bit of it. 

Quaker Garden
Blackbird Designs
Recommended threads and fabric

The grayish blue and and the bits of white really pop off of this fabric.  And the pink adds that bit of colour that really captured my attention with this design.  All of the Quaker style patterns that I like are the more colourful and this one with its little pops of colour fitted that category perfectly.  

Another thing about Quaker patterns that draws my attention is the assortment of motifs.  This one is rather small, so it only has a few.  But the ones that attracted me to this pattern were the little moth and the bright flower at the top.  

In general, Quaker patterns aren't really what I'm drawn to when it comes to stitching.  I believe this may be the first bigger one that I have stitched (if you really want to consider this larger.. it's really not that big).  I always thought they would be tedious to stitch and many are not designed with a lot of colour.  But having said that, I really enjoyed stitching this one.  So much so that I may select another one from my stash to work on next.  I have Rosewood Manor's Spring Quakers all kitted up somewhere.......

'Til next time,



Margaret said...

Beautiful. I find Quaker motifs relaxing to stitch.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Karen its beautiful!!!