Monday, January 25, 2016

Some Finishing along with some Final Finishing

I've been making good use of my stash lately doing up some little kits that I've had laying around for quite some time.  The final finishing bug seems to have hit me too.  I've been doing everything from covering buttons to lacing pieces for framing.  Below are some pics.

The above little spool was a limited edition alphabet kit by Needle Work Press although it would be easy enough to kit something like this up oneself by using an old wooden spool and a bit of banding and choosing the alphabet font of your choice. I chose to stitch mine with Crescent Colours Bing Cherry and the butterfly button and the button on top both came from my stash.

Next, are the Covered Buttons designed by Jeanette Douglas.  The kit came with three designs and all of the specialty threads needed to stitch them, but it only had one big button for the final finishing. The pendant was in my crafty stash for a couple of years now, waiting for the perfect design.  I was really happy when I saw that the strawberry fit.  I picked up a few covered buttons at my local fabric shop in the largest size I could find and was delighted that tulip would fit on one of them.  The button that came with the kit is a bit larger so I had to play around to see which would fit on what.  I've noticed a lot of these little covered buttons and pendants popping up over on Instagram and I can understand why.  They are so quick and easy to make!  I'm quite happy with how these three little designs turned out.

I should probably mention the little beaded felt strawberry as well.  I made this up last summer.  I have a few of the Just Nan mice kits in my stash and wanted to practice the finishing (which is more or less a strawberry) before make these little kits up.  Unfortunately, this is the only one that turned out well.  I plan on trying my hand at a few more though because they are pretty cute. :)

 Finally, I did a little bit of framing.  Both of these pieces were stitched quite awhile ago and laying in my "need to be finished" pile.  The light green frame was one that I picked up at the Dollar store years ago (try to find a frame like that at the dollar store now!).

 "Canada" was framed with a shadow box that I've had laying around for some time as well.  I had a hard time getting this one to line up perfectly and if you look closely you can probably see that it's still a little crooked.  After about an hour of playing around with it I gave up and decided it was good enough. It always surprises me at just how long it takes to lace up a design for framing, but it is so worth it in the end.

So, that's it for my little finishing spree.  With all of my WIPs I shouldn't be searching for new projects, but I did.  I've started a needleroll (another new finish for me) that shouldn't take too long to stitch up.  No pics for now since there really isn't much to show.

Happy Monday!



Vonna Pfeiffer said...

The pocket watch is cute as a button and the gingham ribbon just adds to the total effect. I love all of mine that I have made and kept for myself :) The covered buttons are darling as well! Not to mention your gorgeously framed piece. Stunning work!
Stitch On!

Margaret said...

Beautiful work. I love that you have non-framed finishes too. These are often harder to get "right".

Kate said...

omgosh, they are all so adorable!! Congrats on such cute little pretties!

Pamela said...

I love how yu have finished the three designes from the covered button kit! I have two more to do after finishing the sheep as a card.

Meari said...

Very nice! Great job on finishing.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Lovely finishes! The felt strawberry is so cute, and so are the buttons, but that pendant is just amazing! I'd never think of framing something in a locket like that, but it makes a really pretty ornament. The little flock of sheep are *adorable*, very cheerfully Spring-ish, and that frame was indeed a find; it's getting so hard to find anything other than cheap plastic ones these days! The colour picks up on the flower's leaves perfectly. And the Canada design with all the tiny charms looks great too! Wonderful work :)