Friday, September 18, 2015

Cute little Sheepies

This is a cute little kit from Elizabeth Designs that I finished yesterday. I absolutely love these little kits that include everything.  They're like grab and go stitching kits and that give you almost instant satisfaction. Unless you lose the pattern... like I did haha.

Elizabeth's Designs
Complete Kit
The pattern decided to grow legs and hide a couple of years ago.  I searched high and low for it a couple of times and finally gave up.  I had the front picture, the fabric and all of the threads, but the actual pattern was no where to be found.  When I was putting everything away for Summer Tree of Stitches I found it.  It was in a plastic bag in my filing cabinet hidden between books (a spot that I searched a couple of times, so, one can only assume it decided to come out of hiding lol). So, this quick little finish was actually a couple of years lol.


Kay said...

This is so pretty. I would struggle getting the other kind of stitches to look so perfect. x

Margaret said...

What a great piece to stitch. The sheep are cute!

Justine said...

Cute finish! Glad you found it at last.

Sheryl said...

lovely little design.